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My second batch of Hot Cross Buns had much neater crosses.

Homemade Hot Cross Buns for Easter

I am adding Hot Cross Buns to the list of things that people usually buy but are worth making yourself. I … [Read More...]

Tiger cake

Tiger cake and Hickory Dickory Dock cake

I am trying to figure out what to do with this blog. I am working full time and the twins are now three so I … [Read More...]

Highlights Over the Years


Silhouettes and shadows in the morning sun

I've been playing around with tonal range in black and white for my photography course. We get the morning sun … [Read More...]

Rhyolite, a ghost town in Nevada

Rhyolite, a ghost town in Nevada

The idea of a ghost town has always enthralled me. There's something about the emptiness and the weird … [Read More...]

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Professional Articles – Travel and Food

London kayak trip - Westminster

Kayaking in London

It's rush hour on a Monday morning and I'm heading into central London. But this is no ordinary commute - I'm … [Read More...]

Ripe coffee fruit

Profile of Queensland coffee grower Auswana

The coffee houses of Vienna have been inspiring the intellectuals of Europe for centuries but Australian … [Read More...]

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