Best of web: Food writer diet, whole grains, edible flowers, pick-your-own and cherry clafoutis

  • * Is it possible to be a food writer and still keep your waistline? Cookbook author Melissa Clark shares her secrets on Bon Appetit.
  • * Eating whole grains is good for your health but it doesn’t have to be brown rice day after day. Culinate has a glossary of whole grains, from amaranth to wild rice. I haven’t heard of most of the ones on the list – kamut, anyone? Others, such as barley and quinoa, I’m more familiar with and have even cooked with. It’s a good resource and reminder of the variety that’s out there.
  • * I love edible flowers – nasturtium, marigold or borage can really pep up a fresh salad, and fried zucchini (courgette) flowers are simply delicious. Around Britain with a Paunch blogs about an edible flower tasting menu at Roussillon, created in honour of his mother who is somewhat of an expert on the subject.
  • * The Times has a guide to pick-your-own farms – a fun day out for the family and perfect for anyone who fancies a go at making jam or preserves.
  • * For dessert here’s Closet Cooking‘s cherry clafoutis – a dessert I’ve been hearing loads about lately. It sounds so good with its custard and cherry combination but I am yet to attempt making one – usually when I get fresh cherries I scarf them down plain, which is almost certainly healthier anyway!

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  1. Hi there!

    Really glad you liked the piece about nasturtiums and our trip to Roussillon. Edible flowers are great.

    Mum’s currently experimenting with lavender and lemon drizzle cake and a delicious dark chocolate and rose petal number.

    Your gooseberry pavalova looks and sounds awesome by the way.



    Thanks! I love the taste of lavender – do share the recipe, please! I have a recipe for rose petal sorbet that I’ve been meaning to make for the longest time. The problem is I don’t grow roses and commercially grown roses are usually smothered in pesticide, because they’re not grown to be eaten. – Caitlin