Best of the web: From autumn in Suffolk to art in Jeddah

  • Visiting London and don’t know where to get a decent cup of coffee? Krista at London Restaurant Guide is doing the leg work for you, with reviews of two London cafés: Flat White in Soho and Nude Espresso near Brick Lane. She also recently ran a great blogging event on the perfect London Saturday, as defined by London bloggers.
  • Speaking of green, Intelligent Travel reports on a project to help the Masai to protect lions in Kenya – check out the great video.
  • Meanwhile, New Chitose Airport in Hokkaido has a novel way to protect the environment – collecting snow in winter to help cool the building in summer. Again, Intelligent Travel has the details.
  • Susie is an American woman who has moved to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia with her Arab husband and their son. She blogs at Susie’s Big Adventure and has some surprising things to say – for example, did you know that Jeddah is a huge art city?
  • Intelligent Travel on matching music to your travel destinations. It’s a regular feature in its sister magazine National Geographic Traveler and this month the playlist takes us to East Africa.
  • TravelSavvyMom is one of my favourite travel sites – I don’t even have children, but I love it because it’s so witty and well observed. This week, Rebecca writes about her children’s favourite Parisian attraction – the pigeons. Jamie writes about the agony of trying to teach her kids Spanish – and you can win a cool prize of Rosetta Stone language learning software up for grabs. And Kayt has posted a hilarious video about Ernie from Sesame Street.

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  1. Wow, thanks so much for picking up on my little London restaurant blog,! Great to be included in your round-up.

    You’re welcome, Krista. I enjoy your site. – Caitlin.

  2. Thanks for the high praise Caitlin–we love your site too!

  3. Hi there

    Thanks for the mention about Zayna. As you mention the food is ace, but unfortunately the place is empty and I am trying to drum up some support so it doesn’t close!



  4. Thanks for the thumbs up, Caitlin! What a nice surprise! And thanks for turning me on to some other great blogs on your list. Now all I need is more reading time!!!

    You’re welcome. I always enjoy expat blogs, especially in interesting places. – Caitlin