Photo Friday: Freshly shucked Tassie oysters

Tamar River, Tasmania; February 2007


This was a family road trip with a twist – three generations of women from age 77 to 23. In February 2007 I drove around Tasmania in a motorhome with my grandmother, two aunts and cousin.


One night we camped by the shores of the Tamar River and my cousin (pictured) and I shucked oysters from the rocks for everyone to share. (Although we were downstream from Launceston, the river passes through wetlands and the water is very clean). After our feast, we watched the black swans swimming on the river as the sun went down and played cards in our little motorhome until late.



Tasmania is known for its seafood. On another day we had crayfish – similar to lobster.

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  1. What cool pictures! Shucking your own oysters? Wow!

  2. Came here from Delicious Baby’s Photo Friday link. And now I’m salivating! Looks so yummy!

  3. Wow. I’d forgotten how wonderful the seafood was in Australia. Thanks for bringing those memories flooding back!

  4. What a great trip. I’ve never been down there, not yet, that is:) Costa Rican seafood is so so, the tilapia is amazing but hard shelled, your not missing much:)

    Rock Climbing in Costa Rica

    I don’t remember eating seafood in Costa Rica but I loved the guaya pinto and of course, the coffee! – Caitlin.

  5. Great pictures!

  6. I was going to say that shucking your own oysters was pretty brave!
    I love shellfish, and these photos are -really-making me hungry!!!

    We knew the water was clean but I was a bit concerned about cutting myself. We had to be careful but it wasn’t as hard as I thought it might be. – Caitlin.

  7. Eating either of these would kill me (allergic), but they really are spectacularly beautiful!


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