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Round-up of current awards for food bloggers.

2008 Food Blog Awards

Today is the last day to nominate your favourite food blogs for the 2008 Food Blog Awards at Well Fed Network. You have until 11.59pm US East Coast time.

This is not a plug. Most of the categories stipulate that you need at least six posts a month for several consecutive months and I don’t think I’ve blogged frequently or consistently to be eligible. Unless you want to consider one of my individual posts for the Best Post category – please be my guest!

I do urge you to nominate some of your favourite food blogs. Any blog nominated before the deadline will be in the running with the winners determined by a panel of judges.

I have put forward a few of my favourites, including Cafe Lynnylu, Ripe London, Word of Mouth, Lime & Lycopene, Mostly Eating, Londonelicious, World Foodie Guide, A Slice of Cherry Pie, Food Blogga, Ezra Pound Cake, Eat, Show and Tell. I didn’t nominate anyone who was already nominated in any individual category since the instructions said it wouldn’t make a difference. If I’ve nominated you, please pay it forward and nominate someone else.

2008 Weblog Awards

The 2008 Weblog Awards are open for voting. The finalists are already set after a public nomination process in November and you are allowed to vote once per day in any given category. There is a huge number of categories but feel free to jump straight to the food blog category, where the finalists are Serious Eats, The 99 Cent Chef, Foodie at Fifteen (now 16), Coconut & Lime, Coffee & Conservation, Cake Wrecks, So Good, epicurious, Sparklette and FXcuisine.

I must admit most of these blogs are new to me. The exception is epicurious, which is attached to Gourmet and Bon Appetit magazines. I’m looking forward to checking them out.

I’m a little puzzled by the effectiveness of the voting system – it seems to me that in general this system would favour large organisations with big mailing lists, though in this instance it’s not the case. Right now, Cake Wrecks is winning with over 83% of the vote (over 17,000 votes). Like most people, time is scarce so I’ll be voting but just the once.

Polls close Tuesday 13 January at 10pm Greenwich Mean Time (5pm East Coast US and 2pm West Coast US).

2009 Bloggies

For my money, the biggest set of blogging awards is the Bloggies and the 2009 Bloggies is now open for nominations. It’s been running nine years and it’s a combination of public voting and decisions by a randomly chosen panel of voters. You also only get to make your nominations and vote once.

Please nominate your three favourite food blogs for the Best Food Weblog category and consider if they also belong in any of the following categories: Best Writing on a Weblog; Best Photography on a Weblog; Best New Weblog; Best-Kept Secret Weblog, Weblog of the Year of any of the regional awards (for Europe, Asia & Middle East, Latin America, Canada, Australia & New Zealand, and Africa).

I haven’t nominated myself, either this blog or my travel blog Roaming Tales,  because I wanted to ‘pay it forward’ and nominate some other great food and travel blogs (as well as a few on other subjects). However, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I’m hoping the good karma will flow back to me and I would be really grateful if any of my readers would consider nominating me. Apparently the number of times a blog is nominated will help when the draw up the shortlist.

I’m not eligible for Best New Weblog because I started both blogs in 2007 but I’m eligible for the food and travel categories respectively, as well as Best European Weblog, Best Writing on a Weblog, Best Photography on a Weblog (a long stretch) and Best-Kept Secret Weblog (for under-represented blogs) and of course for the ultimate prize of Weblog of the Year. I actually think I’ve got a stronger chance with Roaming Tales because the field is less crowded and my content more distinctive.

Nominations close at 10pm US East Coast time on Monday 12 January. You can only send in your nomination form once. A single URL can be nominated for several categories but you must nominate at least three different URLs in total. Even if you don’t want to vote for me, it’s still a great idea to nominate people – and let them know too as it can mean a lot.

Read about travel blog awards on Roaming Tales.

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