Photo Friday: Vigelandsparken

Oslo, Norway; July 2006



Vigelandsparken, in Frogner Park in Oslo, is a park filled with fantastical sculptures such as this fountain. I had fun playing photographer and messing around with depth of field and shutter speed, to change the focus and appearance of the water spray.

This is my submission for the week to Photo Friday, a blogging event run by Debbie at Delicious Baby. Please click here to see links to everyone’s submissions. Or you can go back in time to view my previous photo posts.

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  1. Love it! We had such fun there this summer and I think we have the exact same photo. ;) Truly a gorgeous spot, isn’t it? Such fun for our kidlet to roam about there on our world tour & nice they have a spectacular playground very close by. It was hard for us to leave!

  2. That is one of the coolest fountains I’ve seen, well not actually seen in person, but through your picture, I was there this morning and had some coffee, thanks for sharing.

  3. This is one of my favorite places on Earth! It has been far too long since I was there, too. Thanks for the lovely way to start my day!


  4. Yes, Vigelandsparken is fabulous, even though I can’t remember this fountian, but that might be because I was there in the wintertime when the water was ice :-)

  5. Very cool pics! Some of the best pictures are taken while you are just goofing off with the settings on your camera!

  6. Pre-kid I rarely slowed down to enjoy fountains like this one. Now I imagine that we’d hang out watching the interesting water patterns for an hour! Thanks for sharing.

  7. I love playing with the camera settings when taking photos of waterfalls or fountains, although we rarely have time to do a lot of it. Fun photos…the trees look a little like big pieces of broccoli to me!

  8. I feel totally lame…I emailed you back offering advice for Lizard/Heron Island traveler, and um, you’re from Australia! Oops! My bad =)

    I love the idea of a Photo Friday…perhaps I should start doing that, as well! If nothing else, it makes coming up with an end-of-the-week topic pretty easy!

    Thank you! Don’t worry at all – I don’t know that part of Australia very well at all so I appreciate any advice. Sorry about the delay in approving your comment – it’s been a busy week! You won’t need pre-approval for any future comments. – Caitlin.

  9. Catherine Bardrick says:

    The particular effects you have achieved with the water are very striking..

    Thank you! – Caitlin.

  10. Nice pictures! I’m planning to visit Norway in June or July and can’t wait to see Vigelandsparken!

  11. I love this fountain – great photos. It’s amazing how the shutter speed can change the way the water looks so much.

  12. I loved this park. It was pretty cool. I recently had photos of it up on my website too.


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