Photo Friday: Nicaraguan guy on horseback

Jinotega, Nicaragua; March 2008



In rural parts of Nicaragua it’s still common to get around by horse or donkey. This picture was taken in the town of Jinotega in the north central mountains of Nicaragua, in the heart of the coffee regions. The man – one of many we saw on horseback almost everywhere except the big cities – seemed bemused by our interest but quite happy for us to take photos.

On our tour through the coffee regions, we encountered electricity and running water and farm machinery. Yet modernisation only goes so far – many country folk have never been inside a car before. One day we gave a lift to the sister and young niece of one of our farm contacts – both mother and daughter were in misery from car sickness the entire way and eventually threw up (thankfully outside the car).

The bright colours are another striking thing about Nicaragua that you can see from the photographs. The public buildings and cathedrals were often painted brightly in Spanish colonial style and most of the private buildings were too. I was particularly fond of the bright yellow building the man and his horse pulled up outside – especially when you see it from the front. My Spanish is sketchy but even I can figure this out!


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  1. Caitlin,
    You changed your site design! Cool!

  2. I love how he’s posing so nicely and patiently for you!

  3. cool colors!!

  4. Looks like a great place Caitlin I love their bright and colourful buildings!

  5. That yellow wall is a perfect backdrop!