Video: Turtle hatchling on Heron Island

Video of a turtle hatchling crawling to the sea on Heron Island set to “Girl You Never Knew” by Georgia Wonder.

Adult turtles have no natural predators, but only one in a thousand make it that far. On Heron Island in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, I follow one newborn green turtle on its hazardous first journey from the nest above the high-tide mark where it was born, to the sea. Hundreds of turtles were born in this clutch, attracting the close attention of predators for stragglers like this one.

Nature is cruel – will the turtle defy the odds or will it become a tasty snack for a seagull or reef shark? Perhaps the lamenting tone of the song provides a clue.

Set to the song “Girl You Never Knew” by the band Georgia Wonder (you can follow them on Twitter too). Song licensed under Creative Commons Share Alike non-commercial licence. All other rights reserved. (You are welcome to embed the video on your site with a link to Roaming Tales).

I spent my honeymoon on Heron and Wilson Islands in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia in April this year.

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I also saw turtles hatching in Wilson Island – including the one pictured below. They usually hatch at dusk but we found this one on its own during the day (it meant a great photo for me).


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  1. We were lucky enough to be there in hatchling season too.

    I would follow the baby turtle while they climbed over all the rocks, sometimes I’d move the big rocks away for them to make the journey easier.

    When they made it to the beach, I’d chase the seagulls away to make sure the hatchling didn’t get eaten.

    Finally, the turtle would make it into the water where it would usually get chomped on by a reef shark. I wasn’t quite game enough to wade into the water to scare away the sharks.
    .-= jess (fushmush)´s last blog ..Um… =-.

    You went further than I did. I tried not to intervene because it’s a national park but it was tough because the turtles were so darn cute! I did take a stray that wound up in the shower stall down to the beach and let it crawl the last ten yards on its own. I’m sure my presence alone was enough to deprive a few seagulls of a tasty meal but like you, I wasn’t going to start wrestling the sharks. Poor turtle. :-( – Caitlin.

  2. What a cute little thing – its struggles across the sands make you will it to get there and be the one in a thousand that make it. I interviewed one Yannis, who leads the conservation of turtles on Zakynthos, but sadly the boat trip where I was hoping to go out with him and see some of the turtles swimming was cancelled due to windy weather. Here’s my video interview with him. Next year perhaps.
    .-= Heather Cowper´s last blog ..My Top Three Travel Secrets – and a game of tag =-.


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