Chocolate martini at Ayza in Manhattan

Cocktails and chocolate in Midtown Manhattan.

When I planned my trip to New York, I genuinely thought eight days would be enough time. After all, it wasn’t like I was visiting the city for the first time. I figured the TBEX travel bloggers conference would take two days, so that would leave six days to catch up with all my friends in the city and research my blog posts. Plenty of time, right?

Of course, it didn’t work out that way. When you subtract the travel days, the week shrank to four available days. Since the conference was on a weekend, that meant I was only available on weekdays when my friends were at work. So I wasn’t able to head over to Jersey City to have dinner at my friend Rema’s house and meet her baby daughter for the first time and renew my acquaintance with her husband.

Instead, we channelled our inner single girls – but only for an hour or two. We met for cocktails in the city after Rema finished work. The key was to find a venue that was relatively close to Rema’s office and easy for her to get the train home. The only problem is that this part of Midtown is very businesslike and there aren’t that many cool bars. Fortunately Rema was in the know and she suggested Ayza Wine & Chocolate Bar on West 31st St.

The bar has a bit of space inside, with a modern aesthetic, but it was a bit dark – perfect for a wine bar but not at 6pm on a brilliant June afternoon. It was a lovely day and not even too hot so I thought it would be pleasant to sit on the front patio with big shade umbrellas and lots of greenery.

Rema had wine but I ordered the chocolate martini, since it was the house specialty. It was very good. I liked the way it came with flaky chocolate around the rim of the glass, like you get salt on some cocktails, and it was served with a small artisanal chocolate.

I’d been running around all day – I went to the Cloisters earlier with another friend – so I’m not looking my most glamorous but hopefully you can tell that I’m having a good time.

Ayza Wine & Chocolate Bar
11 West 31st St
(Between 5th Avenue and Broadway)
Manhattan, NY
Tel: (212) 714-2992‎
Map it on Google

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  1. This is one of the best Chocolate Martinis in New York. Ayza Wine and Chocolate Bar is a hidden gem in Midtown. Really good date spot for lovers. :)

  2. Whoa! How did I not know about this place when I lived there? It’s like all my greatest dreams realized! Must go there when I’m back in NYC…
    Camels & Chocolate´s last [type] ..Going to the Chapel- The Reception

  3. I want that chocolate martini. It looks scrumptious.

  4. It looks delicious. Unfortunately, thanks to my low car food I can’t eat them now. Perhaps later!
    Daniel Rios´s last [type] ..Car bicycle rack

  5. Looks super delish!
    Andi´s last [type] ..Europe- Day 1 Part 3

  6. sgabraki23 says:

    Wow I have a trip planned at the end of May and I am always looking for cool and different things to see and do when I go places. I am definitely going to visit this bar, I love chocolate and well I won’t stop until I own Switzerland the end.