Photo Friday: Stand-up paddling in San Diego

San Diego, California; January 2010

Before I saw these paddlers in San Diego, I thought stand-up was a comedy genre not a sport. I’ve since learned that stand-up kayaking is all the rage in paddling circles. Apparently the sport started in Hawaii and is favoured by anglers because of the better manouevrability when casting a line. The pioneers of the sport just used regular kayaks but I understand that these days you can get specialist equipment.

It’s fairly warm year round in San Diego so you can see these paddlers aren’t wearing a lot of clothing, even though it was early January when I took the photo. I guess the exertion of the sport is enough to keep them warm and if they’re any good at it, they won’t need to get wet either.

Me? I’ve only tried sit-down kayaking but it was in a much colder climate – Spitsbergen in the High Arctic.

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  1. Nice shots, Caitlin. They suggest a contempaltive nood, which I suppose goes along with fishing.

    have you written about your kayaking expereince in Spitsbergen?
    Kerry´s last [type] ..Road Trip Music – Texas

  2. I’d never heard of stand up paddling. Doing stand up comedy would be my worst nightmare but don’t think I’d be much better at this – I’d be in the water within seconds!
    Anna´s last [type] ..5 Things I Love about Self Catering

  3. I have seen them on the magazine mostly by Hollywood stars. :) Didn’t know that they will even have special equipment. How interesting!
    Amy @ The Q Family´s last [type] ..Chiang Mai with Kids- The Road Trip to Chiang Mai &amp Odd Things You Will See

  4. my brother tried stand up paddling surfing and was hooked immediately. i imagine this would be the same (and with no waves! bonus for me!)> :)
    wandering educators´s last [type] ..Living on Loch Ness

  5. This “sport” still baffles me. I guess I’ll have to give it a shot myself before I cast too much judgment on it, however.
    Wanderluster´s last [type] ..Dancers in Assam- India – Photo of the Day

  6. I guess its kind of like surfing when there is no waves or windsurfing when there is no wind!

    I’d probably get tired/bored and sit down anyway! hah
    Joe´s last [type] ..Truck Tuning