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Last week I listed a dozen travel blogs I love to read. Today I’m going to share some more blog recommendations, starting off with some more travel blogs and then expanding to other themes.

Which blogs rock YOUR world? Have you nominated anyone for the 2012 Bloggies yet? Nominations close on Sunday (Monday Australian time) so hop to it! It is a great way to say thank you to your favourite content creators. Why not drop the blogger a line to let them know you did it too? I’m sure that it would make their day (I know it would make mine).


Geraldine is opinionated and FUNNY. She tickles my funny bone in the same way as Mike of Fevered Mutterings – and that is a compliment. I need to read more of her. Check out this recent post on tips for better self portrait photography or her ongoing posts tagged “dick move”.

Our Man in Hanoi

I started reading Steve Jackson’s erstwhile Our Man in Cameroon blog when he was working as a volunteer in Cameroon. He was pretty lonely and blogging was a real outlet for him. It’s great to see how his life has blossomed since then. He moved to Vietnam and met a girl, fell in love over Irish stew … and the rest is history. Our Man in Hanoi is his blog about life as an English expat in, you guessed it, Hanoi.

Susie of Arabia

Susie is an American woman married to a Saudi man with a teenage son. They lived in the US for many years and now they live in Saudi Arabia. Susie writes honestly about the highs and lows (sometimes it’s mostly lows) of her life in Saudi Arabia. She is also a great read if you are interested in the realities of life for women in Saudi Arabia – having to buy lingerie and clothing blind, because you can’t try anything on.

My Big Fat Face

I almost didn’t include My Big Fat Face, a food-focused expat blog about Lina’s life in Phnom Penh, because there have been no updates since November. I hope she updates soon! But go take a look at the archives anyway – you won’t be disappointed.

David Lebovitz

David Lebovitz is a food blogger but as an American living in Paris, he is also an expat blogger. Plus, he likes to travel and write culinary travel posts so he is also a travel blogger. I like to cook so I find food posts useful, such as this one on how to tell if baking powder is still good. But the travel posts are my favourite, such as this one from his trip to my home city of Sydney. As a blogger, I also find it really interesting the way he makes money from his blog, through his Amazon Affiliates account and sales of e-books and apps. He wrote a useful post on food blogging that is applicable to all bloggers.

Ezra Pound Cake

The name of Rebecca Crump’s blog brings together her two favourite things – writing (Ezra Pound) and food (pound cake). Clever, isn’t it?! As the name suggests, this Nashville-based food blog is full of yummy food and sparky writing – plus also some sweet food photography. I like it best when she shares stories with her recipes – like this recipe for key lime pie*. Rebecca also wrote a sweet hot guest post for me on Nashville hot chicken after I had my babies.

* While we are on the subject of key lime pie, I just want to ask what’s with Australian restaurants listing “key lime pie” on the menu and food magazines running recipes? You can’t get key limes in Australia! They are a particular thing with a particular taste and they don’t exist here. So please just call it lime pie!

The Renegade Writer

I just discovered the Renegade Writer site through a link on Twitter and it’s a GREAT resource for freelance writers like me. Probably not much use for anyone else but if you are trying to make a buck from the writing game then it’s worth checking it out. This post on the ultimate guide to succeeding as a freelancer in 2012 is gold.

Pub Rants

Another blog for writers… this one is Pub Rants by a literary agent in the US. That’s ‘pub’ short for ‘publishing’ not for ‘public house’. She consistently offers up good advice for writers in how to pitch to agents, what sort of things editors are looking for in manuscripts, industry issues about contract changes and so on. An excellent resource for anyone who wants to get a book published, now or some day.

Out of the Box

Smart analysis on the newspaper industry from Kylie Davis – the woman who gave me my very first job in journalism. Here’s a sample post on how data could save newspapers.

Childhood 101

My kids are still really little so I don’t read it that often, but there’s just something about Childhood 101 that appeals to me. Christie and her team make childhood and parenting seem really fun. I also have, and recommend, her e-book Art Not Craft.

Don’t forget to check out my previous post on favourite travel blogs, including Almost Fearless, Camels and Chocolate, Legal Nomads, Nerd’s Eye View, Hole in the Donut, Gran Tourismo, Eat Like a Girl, Fevered Mutterings,, Daily Traveler, Grumpy Traveller and Travel Blather.

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