Enjoying life with twins

The blog has been on the back burner for the past month or two, but life is full steam ahead. The babies are filling my days, of course – E is walking very confidently and P has taken her first steps as well. They play together nicely most of the time and they are getting cluey about things like putting shaped blocks in their bucket and dancing when I put on a CD of music. It’s all quite delightful!

They recently dropped the morning nap, so now we have the whole morning to get out and about and do things. Yesterday we went to visit my Dad and half-brother and sister. Next weekend we are going to a children’s concert. They go down for quite a long nap after lunch and then go to bed around 6.30pm and sleep through until 7am. It’s great to have them back on the same schedule as E was ready to drop the morning nap long before P was and it was quite hard work to synchronise them for the past few months.

My mother-in-law has kindly been babysitting a few nights here and there so we’ve been getting out. We’ve seen three plays at Belvoir St Theatre so far this year – I’m Your Man, Thyestes and Baby Teeth – and we’re going to a friends’ house for dinner next week. I’m finding it a really nice time in our lives because I’m able to enjoy the babies and also have a bit of time to ourselves. It’s not just about getting out of the house, it’s also just nice balance with cuddles and play time during the day and adult time in the evening, plus actual sleep at night. Such fun!

I’m working on my return to work. I’m talking to a few people about some possibilities of part-time work in an office but in the mean time, I’ve been ramping up my freelance career. I’m writing about media for The Australian and Australian Financial Review and trade journal Ad News. I also have an upcoming piece on coffee in the May issue of SBS food magazine Feast. If you are interested in reading my work, I invite you to like the Facebook page I have set up for my journalism at facebook.com/fitzsimmonscaitlin.

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