About me
Caitlin_Cornwall.JPGI’m Caitlin, an Australian who has recently moved to San Francisco after spending five years in London.

I am still settling into my new home but I hope to take advantage of my new location and explore California and beyond. Yosemite National Park, Las Vegas, Vancouver, Mexico and Chile are all on my radar.

My  five years in Europe gave me the opportunity to see a lot of the world. London is a fantastic city in its own right but also a great place to live if you love travelling. Coming from a huge country with few near neighbours, it always amazed me that I could get on a train and be in Paris two hours later. I also enjoyed exploring the UK – as this snap from Cornwall shows.

My work as a journalist also gave me the opportunity to visit more far-flung places, from Syria to Papua New Guinea. I often travel for work, both for travel writing gigs and foreign reportage. My work has appeared in publications such as The Guardian, The Australian, Australian Women’s Health and Rough Guides. I have been a journalist for over 10 years and much of my travel writing straddles the line with foreign reportage, telling the stories behind a destination. I like to explore a country through its food, its history and culture, and its landscape, both natural and human.

I love to cook and I love to eat out but I am not a professional cook or reviewer. My qualification is as an eater and a writer and photographer. I have studied food writing at the Arvon Foundation in the UK with Sophie Grigson and Alastair Hendy and completed a number of short cookery courses, including at the renowned Leiths School of Food and Wine in London.

About this site
This site is partly a showcase for my travel writing and partly a blog. I republish my professional travel and food writing  under the professional articles category and keep the blog to share all the stuff that doesn’t end up in print. The writing on the blog is less polished than my professional work and is intended to be fun.

I used to have separate food and travel blogs but there was a lot of overlap and I wanted to simplify matters. So now there is just one blog – but there are two channels so if you just want travel stuff, you can look at the Roaming Tales category, and if you just want food posts, then check out the Gooseberry Fool category. If you want to subscribe, you can go for the full feed, or there are separate travel and food feeds. (Articles only get assigned to one category so you could miss out on crossover posts or professional articles this way). If you’re here for the conversation, there’s also a comments feed.

I try to update as often as possible but paying gigs come first so there is no set schedule. Blog topics include my explorations at home in London or Sydney, my trips abroad, and discussions of the ideas, issues and events in the world of travel and travel writing. I welcome guest bloggers so if you wish to write something for me, please get in contact.

My philosophy
I advocate a responsible approach to travel, grounded in respect for the people and places you visit, and our planet as a whole. I believe that travel can enrich our lives and provide an economic lifeline for some of the world’s most threatened people and places. Yet, there is no doubt that thoughtless tourism can bring unfettered development, litter and cultural destruction, and aviation is now one of the fastest growing contributors to global warming. I believe it is vital to to consider all these issues in context and to take personal responsibility for lowering your own ecological footprint, not just when you travel but for your lifestyle at home as well.

Although the travel industry gets the heat in the environmental blame game, the food industry is actually a far bigger contributor to global greenhouse emissions. We all need to eat, but changing the way we eat can have a huge impact on reducing our carbon footprint as individuals and a society. I believe in choosing local, seasonal food where possible, reducing meat consumption and eliminating food waste. I also believe that this is a journey that can be healthy and enjoyable.

Contact me
You can leave a comment, send me an emailvia this contact form, or follow me on Twitter. You can also visit my professional site, for my complete résumé and samples of my work.

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