Funny photo: The Elements of Style

Elements of Style

I guess this is a bit of an in-joke for writers but I found this picture in my archives and it tickled my funny bone all over again so I thought I’d share it. I snapped the photo in a bookshelf in London in 2005 but I don’t remember which one. Do you see what’s […]

The Mitford mansion – You and Not You

Buddha statue in Batsford Arboretum in the Cotswolds

Have you ever read the 1940s classic The Pursuit of Love by Nancy Mitford, or the sequel Love in a Cold Climate? The books are largely autobiographical so fans of the book may be interested in seeing the house where Nancy and her sisters lived in their childhood. This is Batsford House in the Cotswolds, […]

Steinbeck country: The Carmel Valley Road

Back roads are often the best. Given the choice I will always take the byway, not the highway. And so it was on our California road trip. We planned to drive south from Monterey to San Simeon and then explore the scenic Big Sur stretch of coast line. My mother-in-law was not keen on taking […]

Travelantics: Football in Argentina

This is a guest post from Adonis Stevenson – an extract from his new book Travelantics. Being a fan of the beautiful game, Latin America‚Äôs football culture was one of the many reasons why I chose to visit. Since Buenos Aires has a few teams, I decided to follow the most passionately supported one, Boca […]

Best of the Web – Roaming Tales: Travel links for 31 August

Collating these links collections takes up quite a lot of time but I also enjoy it as there is so much great travel content out there. In this week’s edition we have everything from the Ghibli Museum in Tokyo to expensive farm stays in upstate New York. I hope you enjoy it! Part of the […]

Best of the Web – The Gooseberry Fool: Foodie links for 24 August

I can’t believe August is nearly over already! Ever since I arrived in San Francisco, I’ve been devouring summer fruits, especially white nectarines and peaches. I’ll be sad when peach season is over, but I have a cunning plan to extend it a little further. I bought an entire box of organic white peaches for […]

Best of the Web – Roaming Tales: Travel links for 17 August

Today brings another bumper collection of links to great travel content on the web. I hope you enjoy it – let me know in the comments. If I link to you below, please pay it forward and give link love to someone else. Debates, trends & reflections Island caretaker. I was less than complimentary in […]

UN of food: China (plus win books!)

We all think we know what Chinese food is but the truth is that it’s incredibly diverse. The most common style of Chinese cuisine in the West is Cantonese but China is an enormous country and even within the majority Han population, there is vast regional variation in the cuisine. When you take into account […]

Best of Web: Lizano sauce, hot chocolate, orange pound cake, tagine, dessert risotto, Cafe Paradiso, hamburgers, cookbooks

The foodie web is buzzing this week, from a tribute to Lizano sauce to a review of breakfast at Cafe Paradiso in Ireland. * Meg Weaver from Intelligent Travel on Lizano sauce, the Tico condiment of choice. What ketchup is to Americans and HP sauce to Brits, Lizano sauce is to Costa Ricans. * Jessica […]

Best of the web: Emergency landings, book deals, travelling solo, photography, surfers’ baggage headaches, Western Australia, Latvia, budget beach travel

* Pam from Nerd’s Eye View on some unscheduled excitement (not the good kind) on her flight to New York to cover the Conde Nast World Savers conference (see her Twitter feed for the conference coverage). * The Lost Girls – three New Yorkers who blogged their way around the world – have signed a […]