Travel back in time to San Francisco before the 1906 earthquake

San Francisco 1906

If you have even a passing acquaintance with San Francisco, it’s worth making this trip. You don’t have to leave your chair – just sit back and let this video transport you back in time to Market Street in April 1906, shortly before the Great Earthquake and Fire. The film seems to have been shot […]

Video: Street pianos in New York

New York street piano

Manhattan, NY; June 2010 I can’t help myself – when I see a piano, I want to play with it. I say with because my rudimentary skills mean that I am not really playing the piano, just fooling around. I can peck out part of Beethoven’s Ode to Joy with my right hand and that’s […]

Urban biodiversity – Life in the concrete jungle


Cities have a bad rap for being environmental baddies and that’s not always justified. While I love visiting beautiful wilderness areas, I know that my impact on the planet’s ecology is often less in a city because I don’t need a car to get there or get around. I’ve previously written about greening your city […]

Photo Friday: Trafalgar Square with pigeons in 1990s London


Trafalgar Square, London; December 1998 After last week’s trip down memory lane to a childhood holiday in Fiji, here is another time travel edition of Photo Friday. This is Trafalgar Square in London in 1998, with the Canadian High Commission in the background. My mother was living in Cambridge at the time and I spent […]

Carnival of Cities for 30 December 2009 – From New York to Nairobi

Carnival of Cities - A blog carnival about cities and towns

Happy new year! I am delighted to be hosting the Carnival of Cities this week. What a great round-up of interesting posts about cities around the world. To all the participating bloggers, thank you and don’t forget to promote this post! Please note, the Carnival of Cities is a blog carnival for posts about any […]

Video: Turtle hatchling on Heron Island

Video of a turtle hatchling crawling to the sea on Heron Island set to “Girl You Never Knew” by Georgia Wonder. Adult turtles have no natural predators, but only one in a thousand make it that far. On Heron Island in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, I follow one newborn green turtle on its hazardous first […]

Travel back in time to 1920s London

This gem of a video is from the British Film Institute but came my way via my friend Joanna Moncrieff on Facebook. Jo is a qualified tour guide in London and has a blog Westminster Walking. The video shows London in 1927 – in colour! Lots of familiar landmarks like Westminster and Buckingham Palace and […]

Sponsored post – Gap Year in New Zealand

The success of the Tourism Queensland ‘Best Job in the World’ campaign seems to have spawned a whole new way of promoting destination tourism. I particularly like the look of this ‘Gap Year’ competition from the New Zealand Tourist Board. Can you believe that I grew up in Australia and I’ve never been to New […]

United Airlines breaks guy’s guitar and heart (video)

This has to be the best complaint letter ever. Singer-songwriter Dave Carroll from band Sons of Maxwell flew from Halifax, Canada to Omaha, Nebraska in March 2008. He tells the full story on his site but in summary, he says he was on the tarmac when he witnessed baggage handlers throwing his guitar case around. […]

Toddler sings Hey Jude!

This is just about the cutest thing I have ever seen. She sings better than I do! Thanks to @ginidietrich on Twitter for the link.